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State Agency Services

Blackstone: Convenient to Court of Claims and Attorney General

To order service and filing of Notice of Claim to file Claim, send original and five (5) copies for the Court of Claims filing and one copy for service on the Attorney General plus $64.50 + $50.00 Disbursement to Court of Claims for same day service and filing (in most cases) to: Blackstone Legal Stationers, 555 Greenwich Street, Hempstead, NY 11550.

Blackstone "Anywhere in New York State" for Service of Legal Process

Blackstone can serve your legal papers anywhere in New York State. Should you have legal papers to serve outside New York State, contact our global law partner, Corporate Service Bureau. Send two copies of all documents and any disbursements that apply.

Use Blackstone for prompt and reliable service. We have servers in most counties and cities; and in many towns and villages (to save you mileage). Mileage is charged on unserved papers (attempt charge).

Unless otherwise noted, all services will be invoiced to include sales tax (where applicable).

Tax Services

We can obtain NYS franchise tax status reports on corporations. Just call us with the correct name, and the information you need will be made available to you in 5-7 business days.

Blackstone also provides a fast and reliable means for delivery of important tax documents to the proper department at the W.A. Harriman Campus in Albany. We provide a full-service package for dissolution of corporations.

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