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An advanced Filing System by Blackstone for organizing and registering under Limited Liability Company Law*, and Limited Partnership Law*. With one phone call, letter, fax or e-mail, we can provide you with all you need to Organize your LLC or LP (including Operating Agreement, Seal and Binder).

You phone, fax, write or e-mail us with the name of the entity, location, latest date of dissolution, service of process address, name and address of General Partner(s) or means for management. We will also file any LP or LLC certificate prepared by your office, making necessary corrections.

We prepare the Certificate according to your instructions, and act as organizer.

We can request rush filing within 24-48 hours with the Secretary of State.

We fax confirmation to your office upon notification of filing.

            LLC, LP & LLP Filing Service - $364.75   Order Now

* Publication is required for all entities filed under Limited Liability Company Law and Limited Partnership Act. Within 120 days of the filing of the initial Articles of Organization or Certificate of Authority, the substance thereof must be published once a week for six consecutive weeks in 2 newspapers designated by the county clerk in the principal county of location.

Call Blackstone for information on Publication Procedures...we will file the Affidavits of Publication with the Secretary of State, NY, after publication is complete.

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