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Blackstone brings the Department of Motor Vehicle to you at reasonable rates. We offer you accurate and dependable service. We process requests and retrieve documents quickly.

            $45.00 (plus Disbursement) Routine Fee

Plate Registration • Insurance • Lien • License • Driving Record • Police Reports • Address Verification

Certified Copies*

Plate Record/Registration: Provides full history of plate, vehicle description, Registrant's name, address and date of birth.

Lien Record: (Title Abstract) Shows titled owner & lienholder.

License: (Application and Renewal)

Driving Record: Operators driving record showing convictions, suspensions, revocations and accidents currently held against driver.

Suspension Order: Order sent to licensee showing suspension and cause of suspension.

Conviction Certificate: Certificate sent from the court to the Dept. Of Motor Vehicles showing violation date, conviction date and nature of conviction.

Revocation: Induces revocation of registration and license, when your office supplies us with a disclaimer from the insurance company and a police report. You will then get a copy of a Notice of revocation after registrant/driver is notified.

Accident Reports:

            MV 104 Report filed by each driver
            MV 104 A Report filed by Police with full description of accident
            MV 104 DSP Report filed by State Police

*Due to the enactment of the Federal Drivers Privacy Act, all requests need to be on required forms. Please call to have forms faxed to you.

Important: For an accurate search with an individual's name, it is essential that you supply the date of birth. When looking for a specific vehicle, vehicle identification number is required.

Unless otherwise noted, all services will be invoiced to include sales tax (where applicable).

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