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Dissolution - Corporation or LLC $215.00

Blackstone can prepare and file your dissolution, surrender, cancellation documents for all types of entities filed with the Secretary of State. Some filings require consent from the New York State Tax Department prior to filing. We provide an efficient and reliable service for initiating the dissolution with New York State and delivering tax forms and payments due prior to closing the business.

In the event that the business is dissolved by proclamation, we can assist you with Reinstating your business with the New York State Tax Department and the New York Secretary of State. Within just a few days, we are able to provide you with a complete list of requirements for reinstatement, according to the records of the New York State Tax Department. Fees and disbursements vary.

To order: Fill out this form and submit it with the final franchise tax returns along with any taxes due, payable to NYS Department of Taxation and a $215 fee payable to Blackstone to: Blackstone Legal Stationers, 555 Greenwich Street, Hempstead, NY 11550.

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